Dissertation Editing Assistance | Choosing a Competent Professional

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Are you thinking of submitting your dissertation? Before you send that critical document, get a professional to read through it, and eliminate errors. Find out more here.

How to Choose a Reliable Editor for Your Dissertation

Often overlooked, editing and proofreading are two of the most significant steps in the dissertation writing process. If you have taken your time and dedication to develop a topic and proposal, gather data, analyze findings, and write up your paper, don’t mess it up by submitting an error-strewn paper. Of course, there are those who choose to do the proofreading on their own, hoping to catch and correct some mistakes as they skim through. However, as any established writer will tell you, it is often much better to engage a seasoned dissertation editor.

What Is Dissertation Editing and Why Is It Important?

There are two steps we need to clarify before we proceed — editing and proofreading. Unlike proofreading, which involves reading to correct grammar, spelling, and typographical mistakes that appear in the document, editing is more nuanced. It involved improving the overall quality and flow of the document, and will generally require steps where you assess and enhance the content, overall structure, clarity, quality of evidence, referencing, and style.

Although you could do this on your own, you may not be as effective as a professional editor. Such an expert will read through and rewrite sections of your dissertation to improve the overall writing and to make sure that the objectives of the paper are met. A good editor will also check facts and highlight any questions or discrepancies, besides correcting punctuation and grammar mistakes.

How to Choose a Professional Editor? Here’s How

While working with a professional editor increases your chances of submitting a quality document, you need to realize that not everyone online is legit. Contrary to what most people think, editing is not a precise science. It requires a rich mixture of knowledge, skills, and intuition. Since your dissertation is important for your graduation prospects, you should strive to find someone who values not only your project, but also your writing style and individual voice.

However, with so many freelancers and independent editors to select from, making the right choice can be a daunting task. In fact, some students are tempted to settle for the very first listing that pops up in their search engines, which is often a costly mistake.

Follow these steps to choose a good editor:

  • Make a list of potential candidates;
  • Gather information on their services and the prices charged;
  • Narrow down the choices;
  • Ask for a sample of previous work;
  • Evaluate the quality of the sample edits;
  • Hire your preferred editor and communicate your expectations.

Here, we have explored why and how you can hire good editors. Hopefully, the information should be useful in finding and evaluating dissertation editors. Remember, not everyone can be trusted. Talk to us if you need further guidance.